Camp Info

Thinking about summer camp for your child?

Millions of kids go to sleep-away camp each summer, continuing a tradition that’s been around for generations of American children. Lutherhaven has been part of that tradition every year since the 1940’s. Last year alone, nearly 3,800 children and youth from across the region and around the nation had a Lutherhaven summer!

We’re convinced  kids and youth today need…

  • Time to unplug with fun, safe programs
  • Outdoor recreation and activities
  • Opportunities to develop life values
  • Appropriate risk-taking
  • Significant, trained adult mentors and like-minded peers
  • Chances to grow Sticky Faith they’ll carry into adulthood

Just a few reasons to send a child to Lutherhaven this summer:

Lutherhaven plants and nurtures life-long Christian values and faith…

…giving young people positive self-identity, meaning and purpose, and servant-leadership skills—with the ability to see and build worth in others and make a difference in the world.

Young people are around positive role models.

Our dedicated college-age camp counselors are trained to mentor young people in positive life values; provide safe, fun activities for kids; engage them in meaningful conversation; teach kids to listen when others speak; and understand when to step back or step in. All staff undergo several interviews, referrals, and federal background checks and get two weeks or more of professional training before campers arrive.

Campers learn safe risk taking and life skills.

Whether it’s making friends with somebody different from them; learning how to use a canoe paddle; participating in a campfire skit for the first time; or locking into a steel apparatus 40-feet off the ground and flying a hundred feet through the air, Lutherhaven camps encourage kids to grow beyond their boundaries, giving them self-confidence from doing something they’ve never done before.

For seventy summers tens of thousands of parents have trusted Lutherhaven with their kids. It’s one of the best gifts you can give your child! They’ll bring home a growing Christian faith, new-found friends, increased self-confidence and skills, lived-out values, and a duffel-full of life-long memories!

Isn’t that what we want for our kids? Life-long memories, life-renewing relationships, and life-changing faith!

We can’t wait to serve you at camp!