Staff Training

Staff Training 1

How we train our staff is extremely important to us.

We train our staff to give campers the safest, most enjoyable camp experience possible and work year-round to recruit qualified staff for the summer. During staff training, we provide the skills and training these dedicated staff need to carry out Lutherhaven’s mission, vision, and values.

Staff training happens over a two week period (there’s a lot to learn!) in June. We open with a week of intensive training, 8am to 9pm each day. During the second week of training we host full-camp rental groups while our staff train on the job in hosting and caring for groups while continuing summer camp-specific seminars.

A wide array of topics are covered during training, led by our directors and guest speakers, professionals in their field. Guest speakers include pastors, child psychologists, teachers, medical professionals, and parents.

Training Topics for All Summer Staff

Camper Care

Equipping staff to provide the best possible care for your campers, with topics like being a role model, camper needs, youth development, and love and logic.

Who is Lutherhaven and what do we believe?

We are blessed with staff of differing backgrounds, life experiences, and Christian faiths. While we consider this a huge benefit to our program, we ensure everyone is providing consistent teaching with extensive sessions on Lutherhaven’s mission, vision, values, and theology. Staff are trained in how to lead Bible study, worship, and the summer theme.


It’s extremely important to us that all facilities and programs of Lutherhaven Ministries provide safe environments for fun, faith, and fellowship. Our safety training includes sessions on bullying prevention, risk management, personal boundaries, and the camp emergency action plan.

Day Camp

Congregational day camps are a huge part of Lutherhaven’s summer ministry. We cover topics like how to run a Day Camp, serving the congregation and community, and bringing camp to the church.


All summer staff have basic first aid and CPR certifications. Staff are trained in archery and the challenge/ropes course to ACCT standards (Association of Challenge Course Technology).


We hire engaging, fun-loving staff! Being silly and playing with kids is in their “DNA.” Staff training isn’t all serious—we have hundreds of songs, games, and skits we use at Lutherhaven and it’s truly a joy teaching them to summer staff. What better way to learn how to lead a game then to play it?

Staff training is a time for these dedicated young adults to get to know each other, get to know camp, and join the Lutherhaven community of fellowship that’s been going on for 70 years. We constantly strive to improve our staff training toward one goal: fully preparing our staff to deliver the excellent camp experience our campers deserve.

Prayers for our staff throughout the summer are always welcomed! We look forward to serving your campers in a positive, safe, and loving Christian community at Lutherhaven Ministries.

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