Volunteer 7

Volunteers: Always Needed, Always Welcome

Lutherhaven Ministries would not be where it is today without the faithful gifts of time and talent of more than 70 years of supporters like you! The camps were built through the efforts of literally thousands of devoted servant/volunteers of every age!

Volunteers are always needed—all year long—to help make Camp Lutherhaven and Shoshone Mountain Retreat operate successfully.

There’s always plenty to do around camp, from day to day upkeep to special projects! Come by yourself, as a family, a youth or adult group, a Scout troop, or entire congregation and spend a day, weekend, week or longer serving at Camp Lutherhaven or Shoshone Mountain Retreat!

Cleaning cabins, washing windows, teaching life skills, painting walls, doing dishes, pounding nails, leading hikes, building, fixing, organizing…your beautiful camps can use your help, now more than ever!

Contact us for details about volunteering yourself, your family, or your group anytime during the year, for any length of time! We often can provide volunteers with lodging or RV space (with hook-ups) and meals, when available.

From the journal of a Lutherhaven Volunteer, 1946

“A couple of hours each afternoon were devoted to work. Boys and girls with shovels, spades, rakes, and wheelbarrows leveled the ground. A place was cleared for softball, another area for volleyball. Dead limbs were gathered for evening bonfires on the beach, rocks were hauled to definite places, walks and paths were cleared. There was real co-operation on everyone’s part, and a great deal was accomplished. Oh yes! About the middle of that week a truckload of mattresses arrived. That was a pleasant task, carrying them all to their proper places, and our weary bones rested a bit better that night.”

Have Questions?

For volunteer opportunities at Camp Lutherhaven, email sarah@lutherhaven.com or call (208) 667-3459 x 112.