Camp Internships at Lutherhaven

Lutherhaven offers unique paid internships that provide hands-on experience in outdoor ministry, community organizing, program development and administration, communication, and teaching that are invaluable to careers in Christian camping, outdoor recreation, education, non-profit leadership, youth and pastoral ministry, and many others.

Our internship runs from end of August through May. Shorter time periods may be available, and summers on each side of the internship may be add-on options.

Interns work alongside Lutherhaven’s professional camp staff in areas such as outdoor education, challenge course, youth and adult retreat planning and implementation, hosting guest groups, service to the greater camp community, special events, and leadership in Lutherhaven’s community-and congregation-based initiatives around the region.

Internship Details

Financial Details

Interns are provided with on-site housing and a bi-weekly salary of approximately $250 per week. Interns work from 40 to 50 hours per week, with two days off. Depending on the camp schedule, weekends and evenings may be work time. Meals are provided when served on camp. Interns are generally provided a single or double occupancy bedroom in a residence with a shared kitchen and common space.

Personal and Professional Growth

Lutherhaven Ministries Camp Ministry Internships are deeply connected to the overall purpose, vision, and mission of our camps. Interns can anticipate spiritual transformation, learning experiences, meaningful relationships, and significant memories. Interns see camp ministry from a whole new perspective, grow in leadership capabilities, listen for God’s call in their lives, and, prayerfully, capture a new vision for a world in need of transformation.

The program itself is built around Christ centered community that enables personal growth in leadership, communication, and relationship building, along with a deeper understanding of life and work in the context of a Christian ministry.

Specific Requirements

  • Have a sincere love for God and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Be able to fully participate in the entire duration of the program.
  • College graduate preferred.
  • At least one season of camp leadership and between the ages of 21-25 preferred.
  • Have enthusiasm for contributing to a learning and growing environment.
  • Possess excellent speaking, writing, and communication skills and the ability to teach and lead others.

Six Essentials of a Lutherhaven Ministries Internship

The Internship Program is based around the Vision and Call, A Murdock Trust Program Initiative.

Six Essentials Include:

  1. A Careful Selection Process
  2. Involved Experienced Leadership in Mentoring
  3. An “Apprenticeship” Model of Learning-  “Over the Shoulder and Through the Heart”
  4. Intentional Conversations Concerning “Vocation and Calling” and Giftedness
  5. Significant Ministry Experiences Within Lutherhaven Ministries
  6. Educational and Networking Opportunities

New: 2019-2020 & 2020-2021, The Confirmation Project

The Confirmation Project – A partnership between the Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod and Lutherhaven Ministries, with major grant funding from Always Being Made New: The Campaign for the ELCA.

The Confirmation Project is a new, 2-year pilot for youth confirmation programming across the congregations and communities of the greater Idaho Panhandle-Spokane region. Led by Lutherhaven Interns, the Confirmation Project will regularly bring a critical mass of young people together at a time in their lives when Christ-centered relationships with peers and significant adults are vital to discovering what it means to walk their Christian faith in daily living. The program launches in fall, 2019.

Additionally, two Interns will work on our new Urban Servant Adventure program. Planning, preparing, partnering and ultimately implementing a new urban service program in Spokane.

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