RV Corps

RV Corps 3

Retired or senior adults use their gifts serving God in the beauty of God’s creation!

Lutherhaven Ministries’ Volunteer RV Corps offers retirees and older adults the awesome opportunity to find a higher sense of purpose in God’s Kingdom in their retirement years.

Utilize Lutherhaven’s or Shoshone’s beautifully situated, full-service RV sites as your home away from home for anywhere from a weekend to a week to six months. Meals may even be available, as arranged.

In exchange for a campsite, RVers volunteer around camp an average of three hours per day in a five-day week.

Volunteer opportunities vary—from season to season, site to site, project to project, even day to day! Whatever the task, we’ll match your talents to the needs of the camp. Work might include new construction, remodeling, painting, landscaping, helping out in the kitchen, office, or maintenance areas of the camps, or any of a number of possible odd-jobs.

Whatever talent you bring, know that you are helping improve the quality of Lutherhaven Ministries’ programs and sites and improving the well-being of the staff you’re assisting.

Because Lutherhaven Ministries serves children of every age, RV Corps and other long-term (typically overnight) volunteers will be required to submit Voluntary Disclosure Statement and three references prior to service in their application. Additionally, all volunteers 18 and older have their names submitted for a Criminal Background file check. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as together we serve God’s children in the beauty of His creation!

For opportunities at Camp Lutherhaven

Contact Steve Meyer
Local: (208) 667-3459 ext. 112

Email: Steve@lutherhaven.com

For opportunities at Shoshone Mountain Retreat

Contact Clint Kunze
Phone: (208) 682-2267

Email: Clint@lutherhaven.com