Lutherhaven Fund

Lutherhaven Fund

The Lutherhaven Fund

To sustain and grow our programs we rely on $180,000 in contributions to the annual Lutherhaven Fund from donors like you. For over 70 years Lutherhaven Ministries has been about celebrating where we’ve been, strengthening where we are, and stretching toward where we’re going as we share God’s love.

To accomplish all three we need YOU in our vision, helping us develop needed resources – financial, facilities, and program – to support and further the Mission.

Thanks for putting your faith into action, celebrating God’s gracious blessings to you by linking your present with our future.

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Bob Baker, Executive Director

Annual Funding Plan

  • Budget: $1,760,000
  • Camps & Rental Income: $1,327,000
  • Sales & Investments: $83,000
  • Congregation Benevolence: $46,500 (to the Lutherhaven Fund)
  • Corporate/Civic Groups: $53,500
  • Individual & Foundation Donations: $250,000 (to the Lutherhaven Fund)

5 gifts at $10,000+ …………… $50,000
10 gifts at $5,000+ …………… $50,000
20 gifts at $2500+ ……………. $50,000
50 gifts at $1000+ ……………. $50,000
500 gifts at $1-999 …………… $50,000

Goes to:

  • 37% Camperships
  • 33% Staff Excellence
  • 20% Summer Staff
  • 6% Program Interns
  • 3% Community Outreach

Ways to Make a Gift

There are many ways to make a gift to Lutherhaven, including both outright and planned gifts. Here are some of the most popular planned giving options.

Consult with your own tax and legal advisers to fully understand the tax implications of particular gift plans. Lutherhaven also has experts available to help you through your planned giving options to benefit your camps.


Cash is the simplest, most direct, and most popular type of gift. A gift of cash is considered made on the date it is hand-delivered or post-marked and, because of the charitable tax deduction, your net cost can be much less than the actual amount of the gift. For example, if you are in the 33% tax bracket, the net cost of a $1,000 cash gift is only $670 after your $330 tax savings.

Securities and Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated property such as securities and real estate are popular alternatives to cash. These gifts generate a double tax benefit. In addition to receiving a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the property, you avoid capital gains tax on the capital-gain as well, provided the property has been held for more than one year. Contact us to make direct transfers of appreciated assets.

Gifts of Grain

For many farmers, significant tax savings can be achieved by donating crops directly to Lutherhaven. Let us know if you’d like more information on how your gift of grain can save you money and benefit the camp you love!

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