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No child left inside!

“Quality outdoor learning experiences for students, teaching a greater awareness of and appreciation for the natural world and each other.”

Christian School Programs

Looking for a faith-partner who supports your goals for education, character-building and spirituality? Lutherhaven Ministries is passionately dedicated to sharing the Christian faith outdoors in the beauty and wonder of God’s creation!

Our professional staff partners with you on your students’ journey of faith-, character- and values-formation. Together we weave Bible-based spiritual lessons and personal stories through your entire program, challenging students to grow in their relationship with God.

Plus, with engaging, hands-on sessions; high-energy activities; fun, safe challenge initiatives  and knowledgeable instructors, we know students walk away from Lutherhaven’s Outdoor Education programs with a better understanding of our beautiful creation and appreciation for one another.

Students are equipped with skills in communication, group dynamics, problem-solving, math, science, critical thinking, leadership and goal-setting. Two magnificent north Idaho sites and caring, skilled instructors connect with students where they are, challenging each one to reach their potential.

Contact us to book your Outdoor Education session with custom-designed sessions and group-building. Join us in pursuing our goal: No Child Left Inside!

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Laura Neidhold, Registrar

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"I look forward to bringing other school groups to Lutherhaven in the future and hope to do it twice a year rather than only once. The amount of growth I saw in my students in one overnight trip makes me wish we came earlier in the school year ... and more often!"

Sarah Henrickson, Teacher

Westgate Christian School, Spokane, Washington