What we value

Idaho Servant Adventures is committed to nurturing Christian faith, equipping servant leaders, and strengthening communities, all in the beauty of God’s creation!

We believe when youth engage in significant servant-leadership opportunities with others, they are more likely to demonstrate positive Christian growth on personal,  relational and spiritual levels.

We call it the “6 C’s” …

  • Christ ~ the cornerstone of everything we say, do & are
  • Competence ~ social, mental, physical, skill & life
  • Confidence ~ in who you are in relationship with God, others, & yourself
  • Character ~ who you say you are matches up with who you really are, what you value, & what’s fundamentally right
  • Connection ~ working together with parents, peers, siblings, teachers, coaches, youth directors, community organizations & other significant adults
  • Caring ~ a sense of compassion, service, and social justice

The Search Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota backs this up with extensive research. They’ve identified 40 building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.

Our experience shows that participating in Idaho Servant Adventures opens the door for youth to intersect the Search Institute’s 40 Assets at twenty or more junctures:


  • Other adult relationships: Teen receives support from non-parent adults.
  • Caring neighborhood: Teen experiences caring “neighbors.”


  • Community values youth: Teen perceives that adults in the community value youth.
  • Youth as resources: Young people are given useful roles in the community.
  • Service to others: Teen serves in the community.
  • Safety: Young person feels safe.

Boundaries and Expectations

  • Adult role models: Adults model positive, responsible behavior.
  • Positive peer influence: Peers model responsible behavior.

Constructive Use of Time

  • Teen is involved in community youth organizations.
  • Teen is involved in church activities.

Positive Values

  • Caring: Teen places high value on helping other people.
  • Equality and social justice: Teen places high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.
  • Integrity: Teen acts on convictions and stands up for her or his beliefs.
  • Responsibility: Teen accepts and takes personal responsibility.

Social Competencies

  • Planning and decision making: Teen knows how to plan ahead and make choices.
  • Interpersonal competence: Young person has empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills.
  • Cultural competence: Young person has comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.
  • Peaceful conflict resolution: Young person seeks to resolve conflict non-violently.

Positive Identity

  • Self-esteem: Teen has a high self-esteem.
  • Sense of purpose: Teen says “my life has a purpose.”