Team Building

Transform the way your group works together!

For corporate groups, company employees,  non-profit organizations, high school & college sports teams, school students & faculty and church youth groups


Team Building is designed to transform the way your group approaches challenges, communicates, and works toward common goals. Lutherhaven specializes in developing certain skills critical to a successful team effort:

  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Effective Communication
  • Commitment Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Peer Interactions

Through adventure education activities participants gain a greater awareness of the group process, and learn skills that, when taken back to the office, school or organization can promote healthier relationships both internally and externally.

Our team building programs give people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds a quality, relational and inspirational experience in the outdoors using challenge and adventure experiences. By bringing your group together in a safe space, inviting them to try something new and exciting and help them reflect on their experiences, Lutherhaven is helping you make our world a better place.

Team Building FAQs

The following outline describes what can be reasonably accomplished within half day, full day and multiple day team building experiences.

What can we expect to accomplish in a half day?

Over the years, we has found that adventure activities can often enhance and complement training that is more traditional in nature. While a half day is not a lot of time to explore group process or team issues, the following objectives can be met in this time frame:

  1. Allowing participants to get to know one another quickly and differently than they might in the work place which, in turn, helps to strengthen workplace relationships and productivity.
  2. Establishing, up front, a sense of team camaraderie and a greater awareness of the importance of teamwork.
  3. Creating an atmosphere of mutual support in which cooperation, encouragement and interpersonal concerns are emphasized.

What can we expect to accomplish in a full day?

A day long program would reinforce the objectives that can be achieved in a half-day program and additionally serve to:

  1. Help participants to assess critical factors in team tasks and more deeply explore how teams can effectively capitalize on group resources.
  2. Help participants further develop clear and effective communication skills.

A full day also lends itself more easily to bringing the groups together in the afternoon for a closing large group activity. This can be particularly valuable for participants that are part of the same team, yet are not in every-day contact with each other. We have used many different closing activity designs which encourage participants to share their key learning’s and insights from the day in a creative fashion, often providing a meaningful segue into action planning for returning to the work place.

What can we expect to accomplish in more than one day?

Any team building program longer than one day increases a group’s ability to focus on and analyze issues that are important to the team. A broader range of problem solving activities can be presented with longer periods of time for discussing and drawing out the key learning’s of that experience for the group. The benefit of the additional day is that the participants have more opportunities to:

  1. Examine their actions and behaviors and understand what they can do differently to improve their individual and team performance.
  2. Develop action plans that will reinforce the key learning’s of the program and actively encourage the participants to bring these insights into the workplace.
    The longer time frame allows for more options in terms of what types of activities can be presented, as well as other learning modules that may have relevance to your company’s goals for the program.

Low Course

An intentional series of problem solving interactions designed to spur growth in cooperation, communication, trust, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Our low course is annually certified and includes elements constructed on or near the ground that do not require safety ropes (belays) or helmets.  Professionally facilitated group spotting keeps you safe!

Depending on the element, you might find yourself balancing on logs or walking on wires. You’ll be encouraged to be creative and think collaboratively.

High Course

Our high course elements are certified each year and range from 10- to 40-feet off the ground!  Using harnesses, ropes, belays, and pulleys, you’ll gain self-confidence, an understanding of perceived risk, and a heightened sense of trust.

Some high elements include a zip line, a 40-foot natural rock climbing wall, a 3-sided climbing tower, the Giant’s swing, high beams and more!

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