Stuff We (Really) Need

Lutherhaven would not be where it is today without the faithful gifts of time, talents, and treasures of over 70 years of supporters just like you!

It’s true! We always need stuff to keep staff and campers safe, kids busy, and programs running!

Many of our vehicles — donations from year’s past — are old, worn and need replacing.

(You may be able to deduct the fair market value of a vehicle donation on your Federal and State income tax return. Contact Kristi for more information.)

For Shoshone Mountain Retreat & Ranch

16 Huffy Cruiser/Coaster Bikes, girls and boys, to transport campers around Shoshone Mountain Retreat – $130 each

15 Heavy-duty camping cots to keep “outpost” campers comfy at night – $80 each

12 Amish outdoor rockers for Shoshone’s new dining hall porch – $240 each

4 “Lookout Tower” camper cabins for along Shoshone Creek at the ranch – $5,000 each

For Camp Lutherhaven

Lumber: 2x4s and 4x4s at least 6′ long, all for portable challenge course activities.

1 Gently-used pickup truck for Lutherhaven – priceless!

6 Garden carts for luggage transportation around camp – $100 each

20 multi-colored stackable Adirondack chairs for the Lutherhaven beach and weather station – $25 each

Shed (1 or 2) to store challenge course gear – $450 each

Costumes for costume closet. Leftover Halloween costumes (not scary) are great! – priceless!

Wood Burners for arts & crafts projects – $15 each

Friendship bracelet string$13 per pack

Utopia Washable Bath Mats$15 for 2-pack

For more information

…on giving opportunities to Lutherhaven Ministries or to schedule a visit to your home, group or congregation contact

Kristi Rietze, Director of Philanthropy

Toll Free 1.866.729.8372 ext. 122
Local 667.3459 ext. 122