Confirmation Project

The Confirmation Project is a once monthly meeting of confirmation aged youth across the greater Idaho Panhandle and Spokane Region. The goal of the project is to build a critical mass of youth to foster Christ-centered relationships with peers and significant adults at a time in their lives when they are learning what it means to walk daily in their Christian faith. 

The Confirmation Project pilots a new model for youth confirmation and programming across the congregations and communities of the region. We are convinced nothing kindles Christian faith formation and growth in youth and young adults more than digging in with others to put faith into action. 

The Greater Idaho Panhandle and Spokane Region of the Northwest Intermountain Synod and Lutherhaven Ministries are partners on this project. It is funded through a generous grant from the fund for the ELCA: Always Being Made New: Youth and Young Adult Ministry Initiative.  

Foot Freeze at Fall Confirmation Project Retreat

How it works 

EWAID congregations come together at a central location for monthly confirmation programs, October thru May, 2019-2020. Two additional overnight retreats 

also occur at Lutherhaven Ministries during this time. Programs will include a meal, recreation, fellowship, Bible and catechetical teaching, leadership training, worship, and service learning. The programs are coordinated by CAMPaign for Young Leaders Interns and facilitated by key area pastors, youth directors, parents, and other Synod and congregational leaders. 

If you are interested in having your congregation join the Confirmation Project or have any questions, please contact:

The Assistant to the Bishop Rev. Philip Misner  or 

Assistant Director of Lutheran Ministries Rebecca Smith, (208) 667-3459 ex. 123