Allergy Info

Lutherhaven Ministries endeavors to provide the safest environment possible at all times for all our guests.  This includes food safety. With an increase over the last several years in food allergies, Lutherhaven works to accommodate guests with one or more of the “Top 8” food allergens recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, foods that cause 90% of all food allergic reactions.

8 Most Common Food Allergies

  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Fish
  • Shellfish

Among this group peanuts and tree nuts are the most common severe allergy and can often be life threatening. Therefore, we follow the national movement to remove all peanut and tree nut products from our kitchen menus. We do not add peanut and tree nut products to our prepared food items. We also do not serve shellfish to guests at camp.

Campers with other food allergies, intolerances, lifestyle choices or concerns may need to refrain from certain food items at camp, or provide their own food.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although we do not add peanut and tree nut products to our prepared items, we do have individual packets of peanut butter and jam for use by campers at their individual tables.  Peanut butter packets are kept at the food counter.  Campers are able to purchase pre-packaged items that contain peanuts in the Trading Post (granola bars, candy bars, packaged trail mix, etc.)  Camp Counselors do watch for care packages that are sent to their campers, in the event they contain allergens that could threaten another cabin campers.
For those campers with airborne peanut/nut allergies, we work together to find the best solution for the week.


Campers requiring an epi-pen should bring two with them to camp. One to carry with them and another for the Health Care Manager to keep in the Health Center.

Celiac Disease

Our kitchens are not equipped to meet the strict food handling requirements of guests with this disorder. Guests with Celiac Disease should plan on bringing their own food.

Allergy Identification Bracelets

Campers with life threatening or severe health allergies or health conditions are flagged at registration with a green identifying wrist band. Any camper coming with and requiring an epi-pen for an allergic reaction is flagged.

Please contact Lutherhaven Ministries with questions or concerns. Thanks!