Camper Safety

Your Camper’s Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

We take steps for the safety of all campers and staff right from the very beginning

  • All Lutherhaven staff are carefully screened, undergo a thorough interview, reference checks, and federal criminal background checks and get two weeks or more of professional training before campers arrive. Click Here to read about how we train our staff.
  • Staff review and follow set policies, procedures and practices developed by the best camp professionals in the nation, and are dedicated to a high level of safety in all activities.
  • Campers and camp staff wear protective safety equipment during activities. We wear activity specific helmets for rock climbing, zip-lining, and horseback riding.
  • Our rock climbing, high ropes, mid-ropes & low-ropes courses are regularly inspected, safe, and up to date with industry standards. High ropes facilitators undergo 18 hours of safety training.  During these activities, a certified Lutherhaven staff member will give thorough safety talks and follow proper safety procedures for each activity.
  • Campers are supervised and rules for safety are verbally reviewed at the very start of camp. Upon arriving to camp, campers are instructed that they must always travel in groups of threes and may not leave the group without letting their counselor know. Within the first 24 hours of camp, we have an emergency procedures drill. All campers and Lutherhaven staff practice specific procedures for possible emergency scenarios including lightening, fire, wildlife, lost camper and intruder in camp.
  • All leadership staff carry walkie-talkies to communicate with other leadership staff and Lutherhaven office staff for quick communication or in case of an emergency.
  • The Lutherhaven Healthcare Manager has the camper’s health forms, medicine, and a stocked first aid cabinet. We review every camper’s health form and screen for any potential problems before the camper arrives at camp. Once campers arrive, we check for any health updates or issues.
  • We supervise and teach campers how to properly use all equipment to avoid any potential injuries associated with everyday camp life.
  • Our facilities and outdoor equipment are tested, maintained, and annually certified.
  • Staff are all nationally certified in first aid and CPR; waterfront staff are all Red Cross certified lifeguards.
  • Campers must pass a swim check before using the waterfront to determine their strength as a swimmer. All campers are paired with a buddy at the waterfront and camper checks are performed every fifteen minutes (during camper checks, all campers leave the water and return to their counselor to ensure no one is missing). Non-swimmers must wear a life jacket to participate in any water activity or must remain in shallow areas.
  • Food served at camp always includes fruits and vegetables and alternatives can be provided in case of food allergies.

How we train our summer staff

We are committed to your child’s safety and well-being!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s time at camp.


For more information

Phone: (208) 667-3459 ext. 119

"Fabulous staff. My daughter felt totally comfortable, and loved all the teaching and activities. She grew in her relationship with Christ."

Karen Thompson

2015 Camper Mom