Summer Camps

Dear Parents,

Thanks! Thanks for trusting Lutherhaven for over 70 years with your whole world—your kids!

Seriously, we think your kids are the best! Read that again … THE Best! They come with quirks and talents and challenges and their very own uniqueness, and we’re excited to be their friends! For the time they’re at Lutherhaven, YOUR kids are OUR whole world. We want to make a difference in their lives when they become our kids for a short while, even if we never get to see what that difference is.

In fact, Lutherhaven is here because of your kids, because summer camp with your kids is what we love to do. It’s what we train and prepare and wait for all year long!

At Lutherhaven we get to know your child—
what she likes,
what makes him laugh,
what encourages her,
what lights him up.

At Lutherhaven we get to motivate, help, protect, listen to, (not judge,) teach and love your kids. Because your kids are worth it. They inspire us. They truly, truly deserve our time, efforts, prayers and hopes. Dreams, too!

Amazing. Loved. Purposed. To make a difference!

Yep, kids change us, make us better, show us the heart of God. Just like they’ll change the whole world, make it better, show the world the love of God.

So again, thanks for trusting us with your whole world! We can’t wait to serve you this summer!


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"The kids from our congregation came back raving about Lutherhaven, the experience, and their counselor. All want to come back next year; several mentioned they want to be a counselor some day. What a powerful testimony to the impact Lutherhaven has on a young person!"


Camper Mom