Champ Camp at Lutherhaven

Champ Camp is a chance for children and youth with special needs to come and experience all that camp has to offer.

Champ campers participate in swimming, crafts, hikes, Bible studies, singing, and other awesome activities especially tailored to meet their needs.  Champ Campers are placed in cabins under the supervision of a specially trained Lutherhaven staffer.

As an Idaho Servant Adventure participant, you will assist the Lutherhaven staff by pairing up with a “buddy” for the week, guiding them through each day’s activities and experiencing camp right alongside them!  ISA participants are assigned their own cabins, they do not stay with the Champ Campers at night.

Your week starts at 1PM on Sunday, where you’ll engage in training and prepping for the week. Campers arrive Sunday afternoon and stay through Friday afternoon.  Specific “Servant Eventer” time each day includes recreation time (including high ropes and challenge course) and evening program time – spending time in God’s word together.

Your days will be very full… and so will your life… as you spend time with your new and very special friends!

 Champ Camp Schedule

Sunscreen + Drinking Water + Line of Site Supervision = Safe Campers and a Great Week!


7:20 Polar Bear Swim (optional)

7:30 Rise and Shine (Wake Up Bell)

7:40 ISA/Buddies First Word and Prayer in the Retreat Center (RC) Lounge

7:50 ISA’ers join Cabin Groups

8:00 First Word @ Inspiration Point

8:05 Breakfast in the Dining Hall

8:50 Alpha in the Outdoor Chapel

10:30 Discovery Center #1 (Champ Camper signs up for what they want to do, you go with them!)

11:30 Discovery Center #2 (Champ Camper signs up for another activity, you go with them again!)

12:30 Lunch in the Dining Hall or Outside

1:30 Horizontal Time

1:30 – 3:30 Cabin Time #1 (Swimming, Challenge Course, Hang Out with your buddy)

3:30 – 5:30 ISA Free Time (Swimming, Group Time, Naps, Climbing Tower and High Ropes) (Tribe Campers help with Champ Campers

5:30 ISA Group reconnects with their buddies

5:30 Dinner in the Dining Hall 6:30 Time w/ Cabin Group

7:30 ISA Group leaves buddies for the night

8:00 Bible Encounter

9:00 Worship

10:30 Omega

11:00 Lights Out

 Free Time Options

  • Climbing Tower (one day)
  • High Ropes (one day)
  • Boating… total maybe. No guarantees. We do have canoes and paddle boards that they can use for sure.
  • Swimming (there will be other LH campers swimming as well)
  • Trading Post (the camp store… buy candy, LH swag, sno cones, etc)
  • Ballfield games: we have a large ballfield with plenty of Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, etc that you can use
  • Challenge Course: if your group would like to do additional team building activities; you can line that up with Lutherhaven beforehand.
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Arts and Crafts: Lutherhaven has a fully stocked arts and crafts yurts. Please make sure you check in with an LH staff before you dig into all the projects!

What to expect when you’re with your buddy

Our Champ Campers have a wide range of diagnosis, abilities, and needs. The most important thing is to come in with a heart of service and be ready to be flexible. Some of our campers want to be up front leading and singing every song at worships and campfires, while some are way over-stimulated by all the noise and need to hang out way in the back. There will be several Lutherhaven staff to help take care of campers and facilitate programs, but most of our campers need one on one attention most of the time… this is where buddies fit in!

Your role is to be camper focused. There is scheduled time during the day to hang out with your friends and experience camp with your group… that time is not when you’re with your buddies. Your buddies are so excited to meet you and hang out with you! They think you are the coolest person ever and you have the amazing opportunity to help them feel loved, included, and supported.

What to expect on Sunday

Sundays at camp are crazy! Picture 100+ weekend guests leaving at noon, 80+ people coming for Sunday worship at 10:30, and 200+ campers arriving at 2. Champ campers as so excited to come to camp and have a bunch of meds they have to check in, so they often arrive at 1pm.

When you arrive around noon, you will meet with the Lutherhaven staff working champ camp that week, so go over how to work with special needs campers, assign buddies to each camper, and prepare welcome signs for campers. We’ll also sneak in lunch and moving in somewhere in that time.

From 1:30 – 4:00, you’ll be waiting at your camper’s cabin to welcome them and begin getting to know them. Sunday evenings involve a lot of all camp stuff like welcome games, dinner, and worship. Plan on being with your campers all evening.

Around 9 pm, after all the kiddos have been sent to bed (Champ campers usually go to bed around 8:30) we will meet as an ISA crew to debrief and talk through more of the week.